Our mission is privacy.

Privacy and security have never before been at a greater risk.

The systems we depend upon, the internet, email, were not built with security in mind. Encryption was an afterthought that even to this day is lacking in adoption. The Email protocol is the biggest example of this, as it still allows emails to be transferred unencrypted, in plain text.


Why Did we Build SROP?

Today, not only do we have an ethical obligation to protect the data we handle for our clients and consumers.

But we also need to be compliant with relevant legislation. Legislation that is still ongoing with many countries following on Europe’s GDPR steps. We need tools and services that don’t see this change as an obstacle.

Instead, they welcome the changes and try to stay many steps ahead of them. Because at the end of the day, this is about our privacy and security and it has been a long time that we paid attention to it.

That’s why we’ve built SROP!

Email is Not your friend