Exchange Sensitive Information Safely

One-time, ad-hoc sharing has never been easier and more secure.

Self-destructible messages and secure drop areas for your clients, are but a few of SROP's features that enable you to safely and securely send and receive sensitive information and documents.

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What can SROP do for you?


Share Notes and Files

  1. Upload your file or type your note and submit it, SROP gives you a secret link.
  2. Share the link with the recipient.
  3. The recipient visits the url, they open and read the note or download the file;
  4. The message, or file is automatically deleted from SROP's servers the moment it is read.

Read more about sharing notes.


Get Sensitive Information

  1. Create a secure form, get a permanent link.
  2. Share the form with the customers or vendors you want to receive sensitive information from.
  3. Get notified once they submit the information you need.



SROP was built for security aware businesses operating in a compliance demanding world.

We understand the challenges and requirements of your Infosec department. All of our products and services are designed with privacy, security and compliance as the first consideration.

Key Features

Audit Log Trail

A detailed audit trail log is available for both users and administrators. SROP captures every action performed on the platform on a readily query-able data store.

Granular Organization Policies

SROP gives you granular control over your organization’s policies. You can define the default values and limits for retention per data type, password requirements and many more.

We understand your compliance needs and we always consider flexibility for our customers when it comes to security policies.

Compliance, GDPR, CCPA and more

We understand your GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA compliance requirements. That is one of the reasons why we built SROP, to help you stay on top of regulations. When it comes to privacy issues with sharing data with partners and third-parties, SROP is the go-to solution.

Use Cases

Onboarding Clients

When you need to collect highly sensitive data from your clients, SROP is the right solution.

Passport number, driving license, whatever the type of data, SROP takes care of all your security and compliance requirements when sharing sensitive information.

Exchanging Secrets

As an IT professional you need to share all sorts of secrets (i.e. certificates, tokens) with your clients and vendors.

SROP makes this process easy, fast, reliable and secure.

You can both send and receive secrets using a secure request form.

Onboarding Employees

A lot of new accounts and passwords have to be created during a new employee onboarding. Use SROP to share them safely and securely instead of using email. Automate the process using our RESTful API.