Exchange sensitive information safely

SROP enables your business to safely receive and share sensitive information from your vendors and customers.

One-time-links, self-destructible messages, secure drop areas for your clients, are but a few of SROP's features that enable you to safely and securely exchange sensitive information and documents.

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What can SROP do for you?


Share Secrets Securely

  1. Type your secret message and submit it, you get a secret url.

  2. Share the url with the recipient.

  3. That recipient visits the url and the moment they open the message it is also deleted from SROP servers;


Request Sensitive Information

  1. Create a secure form, get a secret url

  2. Share the secret url with the people you want to receive sensitive information from

  3. Get notified once they submit the information


SROP is Secure and Business Ready

It is our mission statement to have your privacy and security as our number one priority. SROP was built for security aware businesses.

Key Features

Audit Log Trails

A detailed audit trail log is available for both users and administrators. SROP captures every action performed on the platform on a readily query-able data store.

Be in Control

SROP gives you granular control over your organization’s policies. You can define the default values and limits for retention per data type, password requirements and many more. We understand your compliance needs and we always consider flexibility for our customers when it comes to security policies.

Ask for Sensitive Information

Create a secret request and share it with your customers. Once they go to the secure input form, they can safely type in their sensitive information. Once submitted you will receive a real-time notification.

Use Cases

Onboarding Employees

A lot of new accounts and passwords have to be created during a new employee onboarding. Use SROP to share them safely and securely instead of using email. Automate the process using our RESTfull API.

Exchanging Certificates and Tokens

As an IT professional you will reduce the risk when sharing secret tokens and certificates with your vendors and third parties. You can both send and receive secrets using a secure request form.

Onboarding Clients

SROP is the right solution when you need to collect highly sensitive data from your clients. Passport numbers, driving license data, we provide a highly secure form that ticks all your compliancy boxes.